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What’s the difference between ‘PG’ and ‘VG’ based E-liquids?

Vape Throne News June 11, 2016


E-liquid and VG and PG

If you’re shopping for E-liquid, you’ve probably read about the different liquids being used by each company. E-liquids are generally made up of four ingredients: water, nicotine, flavoring, and VG (vegetable glycerin) or PG (propylene glycol). Some use VG or PG, while others use a combination.
Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a thick liquid derived from vegetable / plant oils and is considered completely natural and safe. It gives your e-juice a slightly sweet flavor and creates extremely large amounts of vapor. It also produces a softer, smoother throat hit that many users prefer.

Propylene glycol (PG), by comparison, is very thin and chemically created in a lab. It’s used in thousands of consumer products and is generally considered safe, but there have been random reports of negative reactions, often allergic in nature. Known to produce a great throat hit, PG is preferred by some users because of it’s richer feeling and stronger flavor.

Because each base has slightly different qualities, the right one for you will depend on your personal preference. Some people prefer VG-based E-liquids, while others prefer PG. Many companies use a combination of both to appear to the broadest range of customers.



What happens when you break/lose your Vape?

Vape Throne News June 8, 2016

How to market your vape company

This has probably happened at least once to any vaper. Everything is going great. You’re in control of your life. Maybe you just got a new job offer or you just got an A on your exam. Or maybe your life isn’t going so well. You’ve just lost your job or maybe you’re failing all your classes.

But then, it happens. Your last atomizer breaks. Your battery stops working all of a sudden. You misplace your charger. Or (like me), you gave away your backup device and you left your Mod in the back of a taxi cab.

Your life spirals into crisis. You think to yourself: “How the hell am I going to get through this 15-page paper without nicotine?”

Nonetheless, you must adapt and cope.

Clearly, the best thing to do is to have a backup device. I always have backup attys and juice so that’s never the problem, but when I lost my only device, things were difficult.

I couldn’t see or think straight. I was craving nicotine like a fiend. I imagine that every vaper must face the decision of toughing it out or going back to analogs until they acquire a replacement.

I went back to analogs for a while. Just one or two a day. And I relied on Snus to satisfy the cravings. Cigarettes tasted disgusting to me. Nothing like vape. When tobacco undergoes a pyrlotic transformation, it releases tons of nasty carcinogenic molecules. Not to mention, all the other weird alkaloids and psychoactive parts of a cigarette that no one ever really thinks about.

A cigarette addict is not just addicted to nicotine, but also to all the other crap. When you burn and inhale any plant, you are getting so much more than just the active ingredient. When you vape, you only get the good stuff.

I really suffered through the one-week period that I had no vape, but vapers should see a “break” as an opportunity to assess their addiction to nicotine.

Even though we don’t think we are harming ourselves by consuming only nicotine (which science has yet substantiate any material health consequences), we are still ADDICTED.

When we are addicted, nicotine is no longer a “booster”. Rather, we are just staving off withdrawal. Nicotine may not be carcinogenic in itself, but it still can lead to health problems. For example, it is a known vasoconstrictor, which leads to higher blood pressure.

After the first day of not vaping, I abstained from nicotine for about four days. My tolerance went way down and I knew that the next time I vaped, I would actually feel it again. After returning, I lowered the nicotine level of my juice from 2.4% to 1.6% (ml/g i believe).

Taking a break from ANY SUBSTANCE, whether its meth, alcohol, cocaine, caffeine, or nicotine, will help someone assess the relationship they have with that drug. The same is true for any compulsive behavior, such as playing video games, fapping, or gambling.

I’m not really sure if I had the willpower to quit outright. Regardless, vaping is my hobby and I enjoy it for more reasons than simply addiction. Yet, taking a break will lower one’s tolerance and make them truly understand the effects a drug has on one’s body.

The FDA’s Deadly E-Cigarette Regulations

Vape Throne News May 11, 2016


The FDA's Deadly E-Cigarette Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration’s claim that it’s almost 500-page rule book, which could wipe out 99 percent of e-cigarette products, will increase innovation in the sector is being mocked by experts as “ridiculous.”

The centerpiece of the FDA regulations is the requirement for all vapor products released after Feb. 17, 2007, (predicate date) to go through the notoriously onerous and expensive Pre-Market Tobacco Application process (PMTA).

PMTA’s can cost millions of dollars per product and the FDA itself admits it will take around 1,700 hours of paperwork. Almost no vape businesses will be able to withstand this regulatory onslaught. FDA analysis estimates 99 percent of products on the market won’t even be put through this process.

3 Ways to Be More Successful In Vape Advertising.

Vape Throne News September 6, 2015



If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you know there are venues on the web where you can utilize vape advertising space for little to no cost.  There is an art to it and VapeThrone.com, a popular vape adervisting platform, has the skinny on how to make the most of your vape advertising to increase your sales and profit.

When planning your vape related ad, first and foremost, use unique content! Never plagiarize or take the content of another vendor and call it your own.  Your goal is to build integrity in the vaping community and with the search engines and there are algorithms in place to detect copied content.  Your goal is to stand out from the crowd anyway, so do it by being unique!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but you want to ensure that your images are saying all the right things.  You must be selective in the images you post because they are doing the speaking for your company.  An image with poor composition and bad resolution will say “we were in a hurry” or “we don’t really care about quality”.  That is not a good impression to leave with your vaping target market. Make sure all images are crisp and clean and that they match your brand.   When quality is everything, it has to show in everthing your company does.  So put your creative cap on and put together a vape advertisement that shines!

Completeness counts!  Make sure you fill out every form field.  Empty fields give the impression that either some information was forgotten or hastily passed up again showing poor attention to quality.  Lastly, provide the reader with all contact information, including URL link to your website and a phone number where you can be reached.

None of these points are complicated, but they are extremely valuable when it comes to your success in vape advertising on VapeThrone.com .


4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use VapeThrone for Free Advertising

Vape Throne News May 29, 2015

Vaping supplies, Vape advertising


You may be wondering how VapeThrone.com can help you market your company and products. VapeThrone is a free advertising platform that anyone can use. It’s simple to get started by creating a free account. Engage with your target audience in a venue that has the attention of those you seek.

1. Who Sees Your VapeThrone Ad?

Our site focuses on organic search and social dynamics. It’s no secret that 700 targeted or “interested” visitors are more beneficial to your business than 2000 random viewers who are not seeking your product or company. We constantly follow and network within the vaping industry bringing together a collective of vape newbies and experienced vapers alike.

2. Who Are We?

The VapeThrone staff is comprised of vapers who also possess the skills to brand and market your company/product with the utmost professionalism. With your success in mind, our teams works behind the scenes to ensure a quality presentation of your advertisement with VapeThrone.

3. The Importance of Social Media to Boost Your Advertising Power

Because VapeThrone has established Social Media platforms, we utilize the power of exponential growth to share your advert with others seeking your products etc. With more authority than your average Social Media pages, you’ll be seen by much larger audiences than most can accrue on their own.

4. VapeThrone is FREE For Advertising

Should you want to explore other advertising options. Contact us directly for premium ad slots available for a fee.

Vape Writers Wanted For Vape Industry

Vape Throne News March 1, 2015


We’re looking for regular contributors to provide industry related content to Vapethrone. Writers must have knowledge of vaping and must be able to provide quality articles that both educate and entertain our viewers.

Do you have vaping experience? Do you have knowledge you can bring to the table to share? If you know how to write in a manner that captures the attention of the curious viewer and have information to share, then we’d love to hear from you. Below are some of the topics we’d like to explore, but if you have a worthy suggestion, let us hear about it!! We’re open to anything vape/ecig related.

√ DIY build
√ DIY e-liquid recipes

√ Guide to better vape flavor
√ Reviews of E-cigarettes case studies

√ Product testing and review
√ Vapings top 10

√ What’s trending

This is freelance work and pay is per article written. Each will be evaluated for content and quality and fee will be negotiated on a case by case basis. To become a contributing writer, email us at [email protected] for more information .



Curious about the VAPETHRONE story?

Vape Throne News February 22, 2015

Buy and sale vapor marketplace

Owner Daniel Horner was addicted to tobacco.  His tobacco of choice was dipping.  When he noticed changes in his health, he began searching for alternatives that would help him break his nicotine habit. Once he was introduced to the vape world, he was hooked.  “It’s not just the flavors and the benefits of lowering my nicotine intake, it’s the hobby it has introduced, and I can’t get enough!”  With so many flavors and mods to choose from, the vape enthusiast in him was born.  Now it’s not just a habit, it’s a lifestyle.

Vapethrone was created when he realized that Facebook advertising and promoting of these products was prohibited.  There had to be a way to share vapor related items in a marketplace where others were allowed to share in his enthusiasm.   Daniel’s plan is to become the “EBay” of the vaping world.  Vapethrone is an open venue for anyone to post free ads promoting your vape niche.  If you don’t see a category that you feel would be appropriate, email us and we will consider your ad category for placement on Vapethrone.